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Pilates Studios Los Alamos NM

Get a better understanding of how yoga and pilates really differ, and all the ways your body will benefit by incorporating a pilates routine. Read on.

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Curves Los Alamos County NM
967 Central Ave.
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Pilates Studios

11 Benefits of Pilates

Pilates was founded by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. Pilates focuses on the core muscles as well as the postural muscles all over the body, which helps keep the body balanced and spine supported. This type of exercise teaches breath awareness, muscle control, and mental strength.pilates

Yoga Vs. Pilates

Pilates is somewhat similiar to Yoga , but it has its diffences as well. Yoga consists of maintaining body positions for excess amounts of time to build strength and endurance. It also focuses on inhaling and exhaling through the nose. Pilates uses total body movements to increase strength and endurance. Pilates also incorporates mat work and the Pilates machines while focusing on inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.

Benefits of Pilates

  1. Refreshing Mind-Body Work-out
  2. Increase Flexibility/Balance
  3. Increase Strength/Endurance Without Bulking Up
  4. Prevent Injury
  5. New Challenge
  6. Increase Core Strength
  7. Improve Overall Mental Well-Being
  8. Improve Sleep
  9. Improve Circulation
  10. Improve Posture
  11. Improve Confidence About Self And Body

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