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Ballet Dance Classes and Lessons Plano TX

Pure Barre and other ballet-inspired workouts are intense but they are very doable by every woman out there. Read on and know more information.

Motion Center For Dance
(972) 403-7500
6221 Chapel Hill Blvd
Plano, TX
Dream To Dance
(972) 423-3700
1508 K Ave
Plano, TX
Motion Center For Dance
(469) 229-0991
6221 Chapel Hill Blvd
Plano, TX
Plano Dance Expression
(972) 769-0501
2001 Coit Rd
Plano, TX
Gotta Dance
(972) 769-0017
3131 Custer Rd Ste 195
Plano, TX
Dance Zone by Sarasue's
(972) 378-9663
6505 W Park Blvd
Plano, TX
Studio 3 Dance
(972) 964-3838
2220 Coit Rd Ste 440
Plano, TX
Marching Auxiliaries
(972) 633-9577
3600 Carver Court Ln
Plano, TX
Arthur Murray Dance Studios
(972) 312-1262
Spring Creek Pkwy
Plano, TX
Dance Depot
(972) 516-1653
4101 E Park Blvd Ste 160
Plano, TX

Ballet Dance Classes and Lessons

Ballet Workouts with Pure Barre

pure barre Guest blogger Carrie Rezabek is the CEO and creator of Pure Barre. Carrie grew up dancing, performing and choreographing events all over the U.S. After earning a business degree from Michigan State University and a law degree from Wayne State University, Carrie opened her first studio in 2001. Pure Barre now has 18 franchised locations throughout the U.S., as well as a DVD series for home-users. To find a studio near you or purchase a Pure Barre DVD, please visit Pure Barre .

It’s universally agreed that dancers have beautiful bodies – long, lean, athletic and feminine. The most effective way to achieve a dancer’s body is by doing a ballet-barre-based workout. Pure Barre is just that. The technique utilizes the ballet barre to perform small isometric movements working each muscle to fatigue and then stretching that muscle right back out. There is no impact so the workout is extremely safe and the technique is highly effective. We have seen women lose 12-13 inches in just one month.

Pure Barre and other ballet-inspired workouts are intense but they are very doable by every woman out there. You don’t have to have dance experience, be graceful or even have rhythm; you just need to be able to hold on to the barre and work through some muscle shaking that occurs no matter how long you have been doing it. pure-barre in action

New exercises, particularly dance workouts , are humbling for the newbie to the professional athlete...

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